St Tropez Tanning

St Tropez the leading self tanning brand. Radiate a natural sun-kissed glow all year round. St Tropez tan is sprayed onto your body. The tan works with your individual skin type to complement your tone.

  • Express Tan 10mins £25
  • Dark Tan 10mins £28
  • St Tropez’ Exfoliation 40 minutes £45


St Tropez Express Tan 10 minutes £25

Introducing our new EXPRESS ST TROPEZ TAN!

A fabulous quick and convenient spray tan meaning no more going out in your guide colour or staining your bed sheets! This unique formula contains accelerators that speed up the tanning time, meaning you can shower within as little as an hour.

With melanin technology to ensure that your tan tailors to your skin tone for a lovely natural ‘no orange tan’.
Colour shade technology gives you the choice to select your shade, light medium or dark! Simply choose when you shower.

  • Light, sun kissed glow= Shower after 1 hour
  • Golden-bronze tan= Shower after 2hours
  • Deeper darker result= Shower after 3 hours.
  • St Tropez Dark Tan 10 minutes £28

A tan for those who dare to be dark! This tan is designed to provide the darkest most intense colour, similar to that of a tan after a 2 week holiday! Extra skin conditioners and protective ingredients provide an even, streak-free colour that lasts longer without patchiness. Once applied leave 6-12 hours to develop then wash off to reveal a lovely dark tan tailored to your skin tone with the St Tropez melanin technology.

‘St Tropez’ Exfoliation 40 minutes £45

Your skin is polished from top to toe before your spray tan to remove dead skin cells; leaving smoother softer skin and ensures your tan lasts as long as possible.

Important Information

Please ring to book your pre-spray sensitivity test. Min 24hrs before. If not you need to sign the form to state you have not had a patch test and agree for the treatment to still be carried out at your own risk. Please allow extra time for drying Before treatment: •Skin should be free from self tan, perfume, deodorant or aromatherapy oils •Waxing or shaving and body exfoliation should be completed at least 24 hours prior to the treatment •Wear dark, loose fitting clothing with dark coloured underwear. The guide colour may stain light hair, man-made fibres and wool After Treatment: •Do not shower or bathe for a minimum of 1 hour after your treatment (our therapists will talk you through the times to suit you best) •Do not participate in any activity which may cause perspiration for at least 12 hours after the treatment.

Keep Your Tan Looking Gorgoeus For Longer:

  • Apply St. Tropez Body Moisturiser or St. Tropez Body Butter daily
  • Exfoliate your skin with St. Tropez Body Polish every 2-3 days to ensure even fading
  • After showering pat the skin dry rather than rubbing
  • Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can bleach the tan.


If you do not mention any medical conditions upon booking and are refused treatment by the therapist, your payment will be non refundable. If you are unsure if any of the following apply to you, please get confirmation from your doctor as a Doctors Note will be required:

  • Using other tanning products within the last 4 days
  • Pregnancy – 1st trimester
  • After waxing – wait 24 hours
  • After Electrolysis – wait until skin has healed
  • After Sauna or any other heat treatment – wait 24 hours
  • After Botox/Fillers – skin needs to be fully healed
  • Recent piercings/tattoos – skin needs to be fully healed
  • Acne – may result in uneven coverage
  • Cancer/Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy – skin is more sensitive, GP note required
  • Diabetics – the solutions contain sugar , however as long as you are following your recommended treatments and have no open cuts there is no problem
  • Vitiligo- a skin condition that causes loss of pigment may result in irregular pale patches of skin
  • HRT and some medication can interfere with the result of the tan
  • Skin Infections (fungal, viral or bacterial)
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Cuts and abrasions
  • Sensitive skin – requires a sensitivity test.