Smile – your mum was right it really does make everyone look better!

It’s National Smile Month in May and you’d be in good company if you had an anxiety about your smile when you’re having your photo taken – whether it’s your teeth, signs of ageing or you just don’t like having your photo taken. Fear not, help is at hand – we all want the camera to do us justice so here’s the 7 top tips to help you get the photos you want of yourself, from the photo angle and pouting to facials.

1. Don’t overdo the pout

Yes looking up at the camera/phone can make your face appear more streamlined – I think we all know that. But don’t go overboard on this right? If pouting is too much for you, you could try whispering ‘prune’ as the photo’s taken, which gives a more subtle effect.

Young girl pouting in spotty top
Pouting – it’s possible to overdo it!

2. Take loads

Did you know that queen of the selfies herself Kim Kashardian takes 40 photos before selecting one to share with her millions of followers? She might not win any awards from the insurance industry (posting photos of herself with her uber expensive jewellery so it got nicked anyone?) but she’s dead on with this. Wedding photographers can take thousands of photos on one day and they’re the experts on making us look good.

3. Look up just at the last moment

There’s something about that first look before your eyes have acclimatised to the light and your photographer which can really make a photo special. I know this because I’ve seen photo shoots and they do this all. the. time.

4. Yoga poses

No, no don’t start doing downward dogs in my face when I pull my camera out. But we can learn something from the guidance we get in yoga classes – think soft eyes and your tongue being on the bottom of your mouth. Both will relax your facial muscles and make your smile more natural.

5. Light of my life

One tip from Ms Kashardian is to place a white napkin near your face to absorb the light from the camera’s flash which can be a bit, ummm, well unkind to us all sometimes right?

6. Facials

Really decent skincare can make your skin look refreshed even sans makeup. Regular facials help to smooth and tone your skin, even out imperfections and improve circulation, boosting your skin’s health. Check out our facials and indian head massage for improving the tone and appearance of your skin. For May we’ve got a cracking 25% off our most popular facials.

7. Last but not least – cheat!

Makeup apps like Perfect 365, Mary Kay and Modiface can help you try out different looks and touch up your finished photos before you share them with the world. But most importantly have fun with your photos, experiment and don’t always be the one behind the camera…

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