ReViber Vibro-Plate Sessions

A Reviber Plus workout is superior to a traditional, first generation vibration plate such as our Reviber Original. In addition to the fast muscle contractions of the original plates, on the Reviber Plus the body also gets a second workout effect in order to keep centred… called a counterbalance effect.

It feels as natural and comfortable as walking, but your leg, buttock and core muscles get a workout at an accelerated 1800 oscillations per minute – at the highest speed, your body is being worked thousands of times in a typical ten minute exercise session.

Some people will leave it at that and get very good results, but the Reviber Plus is designed as an exercise platform and comes with resistance bands and an instructional manual of additional exercises.

Working out on the Reviber Plus, including using the resistance bands and performing squats is a positive lifestyle choice for people wanting to get fit and stay fit.

It’s easy to get started, just clip-on the resistance bands and with the press of a button you will have started your first Reviber Plus workout.

Important Information

For best results we suggest a course of at least one session a week.Please read our contraindications section to ensure you can have this treatment


Please make Spa Satori aware of any medical conditions you have as you can be contraindicated to the treatment.If you do not mention any medical conditions upon booking and are refused treatment by the therapist, your payment will be non refundable. Contra-indications are as follows:

  • Serious heart and/or vascular diseases
  •  Fresh wounds as a result of surgery or outpatient procedures
  •  Hip or knee replacements(implants)
  •  Acute hernia, discopathy, spondylolyses
  •  Severe diabetics
  • Epilepsy
  • Tumors ( negative effects pertaining to the use of the PowerPlate and its effect on tumors have not been established)
  •  New inflammations
  •  Acute migraine
  •  When using a pacemaker
  • Recently placed metal pins, bolts and/or plates
  • Muscle Aches/ Pains/ Strains
  • Poor Circulation
  • Hernias
  • Medically High/ Low Blood Pressure
  • Position dizziness (PBPD)
  • Pregnacy

Vibrate yourself toned! 

10 mins session – £4

4 x 10 mins sessions – £10 (valid for 1 month)
20 x 10 mins sessions – £30 (valid for 3 months)