Got a niggle or more serious pain? We want to help you sort it out and get on with getting stuff done:) For December, for your 55min physio assessment and appointment you’ll get a blissful 50% off – so it’s only £32.50.




Reveal your clear, beautiful skin beneath with our face peels. Banish wrinkles and blemishes from acne or uneven pigmentation with our fabulous peels using the latest alphahydroxy and betahydroxy acids (you may know them as AHAs and BHAs). If you’ve got sensitive skin, the gentlest one at 40% strength is on offer this month for 50% off, just £32.50 with Taryn and Alice.





Deal with loose skin from a facelift or liposuction like a pro. Come in and leave with renewed confidence with skin tightening using our Soprano technology, with one area for just £25, that’s 50% off, until the end of December.




Dermaroller is a bit like the A Team – it can handle pretty much anything. Wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, uneven pigmentation and stretch marks to name the main baddies. With Taryn and Alice for December you can get 50% off your dermaroller treatments, and it’s suitable for face, neck, chest/stomach, back and bum as well as your legs. Just £49.50 for December.






FREE 3-day Nuffield gym pass

Every time you buy £50 worth of treatments we will give you a 3 day Nuffield gym pass. Simply ask our friendly therapist on reception and we’ll get you sorted. You can book online and get your voucher when you come in for your relaxation. Just one more reason to book yourself a spaday:)