Does laser hair removal work on men’s backs?

So often we hear from clients they have just one area they want our expert help on – and hair removal is a good example. For men one big reason they go for laser hair removal is how effective it is. But the other reason is they have just one area so they can fix that and get on with other things. The last reason is that it doesn’t cause the skin irritation that shaving or waxing can, a particular driver if you have eczema moles or sensitive skin issues.

What the Soprano (who supply our laser hair removal machine say):

Essentially the laser will work on any hair that has pigment/ colored as long as the clients hair isn’t white or grey our Soprano ice Platinum laser can get rid of it. Our laser can work on all skin types from really fair to really dark, ensuring the most effective results in each area.

Short back and sides sir? – definitely have a thorough consultation with your laser hair removal therapist to check this is the best option for you.

What do I need to do?

What do you need to know – well it’s a commitment. You’ll need at least 6 appointments and you’ll need to remember to wash and shave before each one. The results are amazing and the time you’ll save plus the look and feel of your skin will be enough to help you choose laser hair removal over any other hair removal method. You’ll need a patch test, and this is free an no obligation – it’s part of your complementary skin consultation.

Intimate areas – what does this tell you about laser hair removal for men’s backs?

Basically the same is true for using laser hair removal on men’s back is true for your more intimate areas, it’s a kind way to get the look you want!

Laser hair removal – tailored approach

Say your area is your back but your neck (where your hair pokes out of the collar of your shirt is a bother too) well no problem. We can do both areas at the same time to give you the finish you need.

I’m interested but want to know more…

Come in for a free, no obligation consultation. We can talk you through any questions you have, including flexible payment options and buy 5 sessions get the sixth free – and importantly how the process will work for you. Why not – life’s too short not to be curious and laser hair removal is definitely worth the investment of your time to find out more!