Brow by Mii

Mii Brows 45 min: £35

For every arch, every smile and even the occasional furrow, reveal the true beauty of each expression with brows tailored perfectly  to you.

Brow by Mii’s professional treatment will frame your features to their best advantage: highlighting  your natural beauty and personality too.

And our collection of home styling products gives you the power to create just the right arch for every occasion, from naturally groomed to a serious statement.


Brow By Mii

Each personalised Brow by Mii treatment will begin with an in depth consultation. During this time, your brow stylist will use her knowledge, combined with your face shape, natural brow and the look you hope to achieve, to create a brow that is tailored perfectly to you.

You will need to visit us for a tint patch test at least 24 hours before your appointment- this is free of charge and takes just a few minutes. We also ask that you resist the temptation to tweeze any stray hairs for 1-2 weeks before your appointment.