Fibromyalgia – how our far infrared sauna helps
Prompted by rave reviews from Lady Gaga and our own clients I wanted to share the enormous benefits of an unusual treatment we offer, the Far infrared sauna. Lady Gaga has been very open about loving the Far infrared sauna to help manage her own health issue, fibromyalgia and the world-famous Mayo Clinic also know the benefits are huge. Gaga’s Netflix documentary ‘Gaga Five foot two’ gave her ‘little monsters’ AKA her fans have an intimate view of her life. And let us all know a bit more about the superstar, including an insight into her fibromyalgia and what it’s
Review: Cupping for Christmas – What is Cupping Therapy all about?!
Barr humbug. I generally don’t like Christmas. The madness of Market Street, Mariah Carey songs on repeat everywhere you chuffing go. The shorter days and miserable weather. But this year I thought, I’m going to give it a whirl. So, to soften the blow of Christmas shopping, I took myself for an afternoon of pampering. Why not? Tis the season after all. Massage veteran When I lived in Vietnam, massages were a guilty pleasure of mine.  I used to get at least one a week. My attraction to massages sprang from my constant struggle with neck and backpain.  Playing contact
5 self massages you can do every day
OK so I’m the biggest fan of massage. But you can’t get to your favourite masseur every day and unless your partner is an expert (yes I am jealous if you said yes there) it’s not always the easiest to get a bit of TLC. As with exercise, it’s little and often that keeps your stress levels down and stops you feeling overwhelmed. So here are 5 ways you can massage yourself every single day… Stirring the hot chocolate Stolen unashamedly from an ex yoga teacher, this is very much how it sounds. Sit (on the floor or a chair
7 destress tips that make car commutes fun
Do you say thankyou out loud when someone lets you out at a junction? We all know our commutes can colour the rest of our day so it’s lovely when a stranger helps boost our daily routine and help us destress. Here’s 7 fabulous ways to make your commute actually start your day in a positive way. I’m not suggesting you do them all, certainly not at the same time(!) and what works for one of us won’t necessarily for another. But if you can take charge of your day, feelings of relaxation will follow:) 1 Listen to an audio
Smile – your mum was right it really does make everyone look better!
It’s National Smile Month in May and you’d be in good company if you had an anxiety about your smile when you’re having your photo taken – whether it’s your teeth, signs of ageing or you just don’t like having your photo taken. Fear not, help is at hand – we all want the camera to do us justice so here’s the 7 top tips to help you get the photos you want of yourself, from the photo angle and pouting to facials. 1. Don’t overdo the pout Yes looking up at the camera/phone can make your face appear more