5 self massages you can do every day

OK so I’m the biggest fan of massage. But you can’t get to your favourite masseur every day and unless your partner is an expert (yes I am jealous if you said yes there) it’s not always the easiest to get a bit of TLC. As with exercise, it’s little and often that keeps your stress levels down and stops you feeling overwhelmed. So here are 5 ways you can massage yourself every single day…

Stirring the hot chocolate

Stolen unashamedly from an ex yoga teacher, this is very much how it sounds. Sit (on the floor or a chair it doesn’t matter) and imagine the top of your head is being gently pulled up towards the ceiling. Imagine you want to make a big circle with the top of your head so you slowly move the top of your body in a circle, with your head making the biggest circle, your shoulders the next biggest and your tummy the smallest. Do 3-4 then change direction and make sure you do an equal number in each direction.


Make sure you wash your hands

This is a great one for weaving into your current regime. Make sure you have moisturiser by the bathroom and kitchen sink, that’s the only equipment you’ll need. Then every time you wash your hands, once you’ve dried them rub in some scented moisturiser. Essential oils are also a help in lifting your spirits. If you don’t have any you adore, please feel free to come in to the Spa to check out our essential oils and ask which once will help with certain conditions. We do sell them and can suggest good combinations for a variety of skin conditions (eczema, rosea) and what you might be looking for ie. relaxation, feeling uplifted for example Mandarin would be ideal. Ask us for guidance to help you with the basics!

For the commute

You can do this on your way in but possibly only if you’re in the car on your own. Facial massage where you make definite shapes with your face as you say certain words is not just fun but also a great workout for your face!


Kiss off

A simple sugar scrub is a gorgeous way to help your lips this winter. If you’re anything like me, the lip balm is always in your other coat! Make an easy scrub for your lips that will boost their smoothness and massage them into the bargain.


15 love

Got a tennis ball? Right that’s your technical equipment sorted. Stand next to the wall and pop the ball inbetween you and the wall. Slowly (and gently) move your back against the wall. This will unlock some twists in your back. It also works on the feet too – and this is easy to do whilst sat down at your desk or having a brew at the end of the day too.

Takes care of your body and it will take care of you! Kessel x

PS. please do comment and let me know how you get on with these:)