5 questions you have to ask your laser hair removal therapist

You’ll have laser hair removal on your radar as a celebrity fad. It’s not, it’s here to stay and even if you’re not sure it’s for you right now – keep safe and get good value with our top tips on what you need to know to a) choose laser hair removal and b) go to the right therapist. From our clients we know not all spas are delivering the service we know you deserve.

What machine are you using and why?

So here’s a yardstick for you – the Soprano ICE Platinum offers the newest technology and dedicated Laser Hair Removal Machine. Our clients love it as it’s virtually painless plus it treats all skin tones including tattoed and tanned skin, so no need to wait til your tan’s gone!

What depth of the skin does the laser hair removal work at?

Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many places don’t even know this:) For us, Triple Targeting Treatment means the Soprano ICE Platinum works on hair follicles at 3 different depths of the skin, making your treatment more effective.

I want to find out more without booking a session, how do I do that?

You want to be sure it’s the right option for you as it is a commitment. It needs time, money and making sure you’ve prepped ready for each treatment (shaved but not waxed inbetween sessions!) We offer a free no-obligation test patch and thorough consultation for each of our clients. Which means you get to speak to your fully insured laser technician and get the advice you need personally taking into account your health and skin before you purchase a laser hair removal course. For example, do you know if tweezing, bleaching and threading are ok inbetween sessions? Get the right advice before you start.

How can I make sure I get value for money?

Check with your therapist how much actual laser removal time and so you’depth of skin is targeted (see above) so you have the maximum benefit. With us, you’ll receive the full amount of Laser hair removal time throughout every treatment – ensuring the maximum power can be provided without discomfort. Which means the best results in fewer sessions. We believe in providing a quality treatment.

Do you have flexible payment options?

You’ll need to be sure their pricing isn’t inflated, for example bumped up so they can deliver a discount on Groupon. This is not real pricing and can be misleading so you think you’re getting more of a deal than you are! Our pricing is very straight forward and we do courses of 6 for the price of 5. You can also get individual sessions to help you pay as you go. Our third payment options is that you pay 50% on your first treatment and then the remaining 50% a whole 6 weeks later when you have your second treatment.
We do a full, free skin consultation and patch test with no obligation – so come find out more and save time and energy that you’d be better off using to do something more fun than hair removal:)