Smile – your mum was right it really does make everyone look better!
It’s National Smile Month in May and you’d be in good company if you had an anxiety about your smile when you’re having your photo taken – whether it’s your teeth, signs of ageing or you just don’t like having your photo taken. Fear not, help is at hand – we all want the camera to do us justice so here’s the 7 top tips to help you get the photos you want of yourself, from the photo angle and pouting to facials. 1. Don’t overdo the pout Yes looking up at the camera/phone can make your face appear more
Interview with Jane Kenyon, Girls Out Loud Founder
Spa Satori wanted to follow up on International Women’s Day. So we’ve chosen to profile some of Manchester’s Finest – inspirational women who are leaving a mark on the North West. We’re starting with Jane Kenyon, founder of Girls Out Loud, a unique big sister programme that offers teenage girls a trusted guide to help them through the challenges of growing up. 1. I’d say you’re delivering on several of the IWD’s pledges. The one about forging women’s advancement seems to be central to your work with both Girls Out Loud and Well Heeled Divas. What’s the biggest challenge the
The one about how massage helps prevent injuries from running
Prevent running injuries The absolute last thing you want is to get injured when you’re running, right? If you’re like me, you need the endorphins that exercise gives you. What if I told you there was a way to prevent injuries – and that it involved a massage? If you’re training for the London Marathon 23 April or Great Manchester Run 28 May 2017 – firstly GOOD LUCK and we hope you have a brilliant day. You can significantly reduce your chances of injury from your running if you: 1. get regular massages (like sports massage) and reflexology The massages will
Ageing – on my terms
I remember the first time I thought about ageing and how it applied to me. My sister said there would be one thing that would really bother me that showed I was ageing. I did brush it off, like the time my other sister told me I didn’t have childbearing hips (at 15 this is not something that really troubles you much…) Aaaanywho, yes I’ve found my thing now – and it’s this one line between my eyebrows. I feel like it’s basically inserted itself there without my permission and makes it more tricky for folk to read my expressions,